Michigan Misdemeanor Court Process

Generally, the Misdemeanor court process starts when you are charged with a criminal act. This occurs either after you are arrested or after a warrant is filed by the prosecutor’s office. In order to have a warrant filed, there must be probable cause.

Arraignment is a very quick procedure. If you are currently in custody this usually happens within a day or two. If you have an open warrant, this will occur when you turn yourself in. During arraignment the judge will read the formal charges against you, allow you to enter a plea (of not guilty) and address issues of bond.

If you are not in custody, some courts allow attorneys to complete the arraignment process through the mail.
This is where you discuss with the prosecutor possible plea arrangements and other discovery issues. The prosecutor may offer you the opportunity to plea to a lower charge although this is not required. It is possible to have multiple Pre-trials for a variety of different reasons.

If you cannot work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor you can either plea to the original charge or the case will go to trial.

The criminal misdemeanor court process can seem daunting and confusing. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 877-I-CAN-WIN. Our consultations are always free

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